Activities for Inclusive Language Teaching

Valuing diversity in the ELT classroom

Book with photocopiable activites

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Ideas in Action: Activities for Inclusive Language Teaching offers language teachers tools and techniques to embrace and harness the diversity that is inherent in any group of learners. These activities will enable both teachers and learners to recognise and break down barriers to learning in the language classroom, allowing each individual to be their unique and authentic selves, as part of the group. This book is primarily intended for the general adult and teenage classroom, but the ideas can be adapted for most language teaching situations.

Activities for Inclusive Language Teaching:

  • starts with an overview of the concepts and terminology used when discussing inclusive practices in ELT
  • does not focus primarily on particular groups of students (e.g. ‘visually impaired learners’) but rather takes an holistic approach to inclusion
  • takes teachers through the typical cycle of meeting, getting to know, teaching and finally assessing groups of language learners, celebrating our differences along the way
  • suggests micro-strategies for nurturing an inclusive learning environment right from lesson 1


Additional features and resources include:

  • access to worksheets accompanying most tasks (as well as accessible versions for learners using a screen reader) via the Delta Augmented app
  • ideas for differentiating and extending the activities for learners working at a range of proficiency levels
  • suggestions for adapting the activities for the online learning environment

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