Best of Network Jubilee: Excellence and Variety

Best of Network Jubilee: Excellence and Variety

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25 years after the authors’ first meeting to start the Network story, we’ve celebrated our silver jubilee in style throughout 2015. Let’s look back again …


Before you get carried away in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, why not take a trip down memory lane and have another look at the 25-year history of Network.

Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity this autumn to attend one of the Network Jubilee workshops and discovered some exciting tips for your classroom?

Or perhaps you’ve discovered the latest product in the Network Now family aimed at plateau learners: the Refresh Now series (and don’t forget – Refresh Now B1 will be launched in February 2016).

If you’ve entered our Jubilee competition, then perhaps you’re one of the lucky winners of our Best of British party kit – congratulations! You can surprise your students with a party to ring out the old year or ring in the new.

If your name wasn’t one of the lucky 25, then don’t worry, because everyone’s a winner with the Network Teachers’ Club! We don’t want anyone going away from the Jubilee quiz competition empty handed, so we offer 25 Fun Games that everyone can use in the classroom. Just click on the button below.

So at the end of this very special Network year, we’d like to wish you a very peaceful festive season and a happy and enjoyable 2016 in the classroom with Network Now.


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