Best of NTC: Easter Special

Best of NTC: Easter Special

Teaching tip

The Easter Special in our Did you know? series is full of information about UK events leading up to Easter starting from Shrove Tuesday up to Easter Monday. Enjoy another Best of Network Teachers’ Club


As its name suggests, Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday) in the UK is a day for eating pancakes. There are no big fancy dress parties or processions in the UK, just pancakes traditionally eaten with sugar and lemon. There are some races though, like the famous Olney Pancake Race. Click on the left button below and you’ll get to our Easter Special PDF which contains a video link to the Olney Pancake Race.

Mothering Sunday is another event that falls in the period before Easter. It is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent and so this year it’s on 15th March. Our Easter Special PDF includes a recipe for Simnel cake which was often eaten on Mothering Sunday.

Do you fancy information about something quirkier – then what about the World Coal Carrying Championship on Easter Monday? Again, you’ll find more details in our Easter Special PDF when you click on the left button below.

And if you would like an Easter activity for one of your lessons before the Easter break, then click on the right button below.

Best of network Teachers' Club
New activity


Spring puzzle (level A1.1)


  • Print out the Spring puzzle below and make one copy for each pair of students.

In the lesson:

  • Ask students to complete the exercise and write the correct answer on the line in each box.
  • Check answers together in class. (Key: 1 April, 2 east, 3 eggs, 4 evening, 5 Good Friday, 6 green, 7 rabbit, 8 spring, 9 tulip)
  • Then ask the students to write out the first letters of the nine answer words AEEEGGRST. (Check students don’t include the ‘F’ of Good Friday.)
  • Ask students to rearrange the letters to make two words and give them the following clue: Something it is nice to eat at this time of the year. (EASTER EGG)

   Spring puzzle

   Write in the answers on the line in each box.

 1 The month before May.

 2 The opposite of west.

3 You use these to
     make an omelette.

4 The time between
     afternoon and night.

5 The day before
     Easter Saturday.


 6 The colour of grass
     and leaves.

 7 This animal hops
     and has long ears.


 8 The season after winter.

9 A flower from Holland.




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