Best of NTC: Guy Fawkes

Best of NTC: Guy Fawkes

Teaching tip

We have a fabulous variety of NTC material in the archives and this month we’d like to remind you about Bonfire Night on 5 November in the United Kingdom, when we remember Guy Fawkes and his unsuccessful attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.


If you’d like to know more about the history of this event, then click on the button below on the left. There, in the pdf, you will be able to read about the history of the Gunpowder Plot and find out about how people celebrate the event in the UK today. You’ll also find links to Bonfire Night quizzes and games and to delicious Bonfire Night recipes.

If you’d like to use another short activity about Bonfire Night, then click on the right button below.

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New activity


Fireworks! (level A1, 5+ minutes)

How well do you know your fireworks?

  • Tell students that 5 November is Bonfire Night in the UK. Explain the history of Bonfire Night – click on the left button above for more details.
  • Tell students that Bonfire Night is a popular time for fireworks.
  • On the board write 1 sparkler, 2 rocket, 3 banger, 4 Catherine wheel, 5 Roman candle.
  • Ask students to work in pairs. Read out one of the German words (see key below) and ask students to decide what the correct English translation is.
  • You could give extra help by miming the fireworks.
  • Check answers together in class.
  • Ask students which fireworks they like / don’t like and why.

Key: 1 sparkler – Wunderkerze, 2 rocket – Feuerwerksrakete, 3 banger – Knallkörper,
4 Catherine wheel – Feuerrad, 5 Roman candle – Goldrausch



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