Best of NTC: St Patrick’s Day

Best of NTC: St Patrick’s Day

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From the Network Teachers’ Club archives of material, we’re looking this month at the Emerald Isle and the globally-celebrated St Patrick’s Day on 17th March.


All around the world, including on the streets of Germany, there will be festivities for Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day on 17th March. Indeed, Munich in the south of Germany, hosts the biggest St Patrick’s Day parade in mainland Europe. If you’d like to do a short word search activity about St Patrick’s Day in your lesson, then click on the left button below. (Key: (1) Patrick, (2) saint, (3) Ireland, (4) snakes, (5) March, (6) Dublin, (7) New York, (8) green, (9) beer, (10) pubs)

And if you would like to do a short quiz about famous Irish people, then click on the right button below.

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17 for the 17th! (level A2, 10 mins)

  • Print out this page and make a copy of 17 for the 17th! (see below), one for each student.
  • Students first work alone and look at the list of 17 famous Irish people, which include six musicians, six actors, four writers and there is one dancer. Ask students to write next to each name, "m" for musician, "a" for actor, "w" for writer or "d" for dancer.
  • Then ask students to compare their answers with their partner.
  • Check answers together in class.
    Key: (1) w, (2) m, (3) a, (4) a, (5) a, (6) m, (7) a, (8) a, (9) m, (10) w, (11) m, (12) m, (13) m, (14) d, (15) a, (16) w, (17) w
  • Then ask students to discuss the four questions at the bottom with their partner.


 17 for the 17th!

(1) Cecelia Aherne                        (2) Bono of U2                               (3) Kenneth Branagh
(4) Pierce Brosnan                        (5) Daniel Day-Lewis                 (6) Enya
(7) Colin Farrell                              (8) Michael Fassbender            (9) Bob Geldof
(10) James Joyce                           (11) Ronan Keating                     (12) Johnny Logan
(13) Van Morrison                        (14) Lola Montez                          (15) Liam Neeson
(16) George Bernard Shaw      (17) Oscar Wilde

  With a partner discuss the following questions:

  • Have you seen any of the actors?
  • Have you heard any of the musicians?
  • Have you read any books or seen any plays by the writers?
  • Do you know any more famous Irish people? –
    Tell your partner what you know about them.



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