Better learning and learning better

Better learning and learning better

Teaching tip

From the very first lesson, help your students to learn better and more effectively.


1 Flashcards are the one of the oldest and best ways of learning new vocabulary, so encourage your students to invest in cards or to use digital cards to learn. And encourage your students to use them.

2 Encourage students to learn by teaching. Explaining a concept to a fellow student (Why is this a simple form and not progressive? How do you form a question?) can help students cement the information in their minds.

3 When students learn new vocabulary or collocations encourage them to make a visual connection with the new word or phrase: e.g. take a photograph, have a baby. This gives them another ‘route’ to find the vocabulary.

4 At the end of the lesson, encourage students to reflect on their learning for that lesson, by skimming through the exercises in their notebooks and course books.

5 Talk to yourself. No, this isn’t a sign your students are going mad, but another channel to help understanding. Like point 2 above, you’re explaining something, but this time to yourself.

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