Christmas activities

Christmas activities

Teaching tip

Christmas is coming and we thought we would give you some ideas for fun activities to get you and your students in the mood for the festive period. We hope you like them ...

Have a look at the activities page with some games to play with your students in that last lesson before Christmas, and don't forget to take some small presents for the winners of the more competitive activities!

The activities are linked to the six areas focused on by Network Now: Authenticity, Can do, Fun, Pronunciation, Mixed ability and Personalisation. (See pages 2 and 3 of your Network Now Starter Sample Unit for more information.)

The Internet is a wonderful resource for people of all levels of English, and so we've also included a couple of interesting websites which your students can use to make a typical Christmas cake or send someone a Christmas e-card in English. Just see below.

Let us know if you have a favourite website which you use at Christmas time, or, of course, a favourite fun Christmas activity. You can find ideas from fellow teachers in our Christmas activity file.
Want to try to bake an English Christmas cake this year? Check out this recipe at:

Why not encourage your students to send someone an English Christmas e-card:

To try out our ideas for fun Christmas activities just click on:

Don't forget to print out our ideas and put them into your Special Day file.


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