Classroom management

Classroom management

Teaching tip

One of the wonderful things about teaching adults is that we don’t usually have any discipline problems. Students are in the lesson because they have chosen to be there, so thank your lucky stars we don’t have to worry about misbehaving students. However sometimes people are consistently late and this can disturb the lesson. What can you do about it?


One tip is always to start with a warm-up activity, so that if people arrive late they won’t miss the most important part of the lesson. This is why every Step / classroom contact in the Network Now books begins with a special Starter activity.

And remember: You can draw up the rules of the classroom together - It’s a good way to practise modals:

  • Give each pair of students a piece of paper and ask them to write three rules for the classroom on the paper.
  • Then each pair of students gets together with another pair and they agree on just three rules.
  • Carry on until the whole class has agreed on three (or four) rules.
  • These are your class rules!
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