Klett Augmented: now even better!

An extensive update is now available for the popular Klett-Augmented-App - with practical functions that many customers have requested!

Download the free update of the app to your device and benefit from the improvements:

  • Start quickly: You’re directly in scan mode and, thanks to the improved library, everything is ready to click!
  • Load everything with one click: In the new version, you can bookmark or download the complete content for a title with one click!
  • Be perfectly organised: Do you use several titles at the same time? With the new filter and sorting functions, you can always keep track of your content.


Contents that you have already downloaded will no longer be available after the app update. You can easily bookmark them again with the new "Bookmark all content" function and then download them with just one click.


English subtitles available under "Subtitles/Settings".

Look forward to these new functions:

Quick Guide
Klett Augmented: Kurzanleitung (Deutsch)

Klett Augmented: Kurzanleitung (Deutsch)

Klett Augmented: Quick Guide (English)

Klett Augmented: Quick Guide (English)

Klett Augmented: Kurzanleitung (bisherige Version)

Klett Augmented: Kurzanleitung (bisherige Version)

The free app:


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