Interactive tablet versions

New for tablet computers -  an interactive tablet version of your course book!

Now you can practise as often as you like:  whenever and wherever you want!



The functions
  • Complete tasks directly on your mobile device - whether online or offline - you can view and close solutions, run audio and video files.
  • Practise a wide variety of  tasks: choosing between right and wrong answers, filling in gaps, matching words and sentences.
  • Make the most of practical tools: To take notes, fill in text fields, highlight words, record your own audio files, and much more. Save and reopen your own notes and data at any time
The app

The "Klett Sprachen" app is free and you use it to work with your interactive tablet products. In order to be able to use any interactive tablet product the app must first be installed on your device. Different apps are available for different operating systems. Simply choose the appropriate app for your operating system, then download and install it for free.

Please note:

When you first download the app you will have downloaded the library and all basic functions onto your device. Individual books and content can then be bought and downloaded from our website: You can't buy books or data via the app itself.  (In-app purchases are not possible.)

Download the app

Informationen und Links

Mit der Klett-Sprachen-App verwalten und bearbeiten Sie Ihre digitalen Ausgaben mit Lizenzcodes für die Klett-Sprachen-App.

Zur Nutzung dieser digitalen Ausgaben ist diese App Voraussetzung.

Die App steht für unterschiedliche Systeme zur Verfügung. Wählen Sie hier die für Ihr System passende Version, laden und installieren Sie sie kostenlos und schon sind Sie startbereit!

Bitte beachten Sie:

  • Mit der App laden Sie nur die Bibliothek mit den Grundfunktionen auf Ihr Gerät.
  • Die einzelnen Inhalte können Sie kostenpflichtig auf erwerben.
  • In der App stehen keine Daten zum Kauf zur Verfügung (keine In-App-Käufe möglich).


Web-App (Browserversion für Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari)

Web-App (Browserversion für Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari)

Mit der Web-App können Sie die Klett-Sprachen-App direkt online über Ihren Webbrowser aufrufen. Eine Installation ist nicht notwendig.

iOS: App Store

iOS: App Store

Mobile Version im App Store

Android: Google Play

Android: Google Play

Mobile Version im Google Play Store



Desktop-Version zum Download für Windows (10/2020)



Desktop-Version zum Download für Mac (10/2020)



Desktop-Version zum Download für Linux (10/2020)

How it works:
  • Step 1: Choose your product
    Go to and choose the interactive tablet product that you wish to buy and place it in your shopping basket. After purchasing your product you will receive a code per email.
  • Step 2: Complete your purchase
    Complete your purchase by paying by credit card or PayPal.

  • Step 3: Download the app
    If the Klett Sprachen app is not yet installed on your device, download the app and install it now from your app store. The app is free.
  • Please register with a valid email address and password.
    You will use this information to login to the Klett Sprachen App.
    Are you already registered? Then login with your personal login details.
  • Activate Code
    Enter your code which you received after your purchase and click on 'Redeem licence code'. Your interactive tablet version will be automatically activated.
  • Open app, log on and off you go!
    Open the App on your device and login with the same personal login details which you used on the registration page. All products that you have already bought will automatically show up in your app library. Now you simply choose the unit you want, download it onto your device, and off you go! *


* To log on and download units you require a WiFi connection. As soon as content has been downloaded onto your device, you can also log off and work offline.




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