1. I cannot log into the app.

 Possible causes:

  • No internet connection:In order to log in and out be sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Incorrect registration: check to make sure your registration data (the same as for the Ernst Klett Sprachen webshop) is right.


  • Upper and lower case differentiation is important!
  • Make sure your user name and password are spelled correctly.
  • Make sure you haven’t activated the capitalization function by mistake.
  • Make sure “Klett” is filled in in the space called “Editor”.
  • Have you used symbols in your password? Some iOS and Android versions don’t recognize symbols like $, %, !, #, /.
  • Perhaps you have logged onto too many devices. You have purchased one license, which means that you cannot use our app on more than 3 devices. Please contact our Customer Service.
  • Your device is protected by a firewall which is prohibiting a connection to our server. In this case, check your security settings.
  • You have changed your password for our webshop.If this is the case, please wait. Your password will be updated in our app. Please be patient - this could take up to 12 hours.

2. The app does not work.

Possible causes:

Please check that your devise has the minimum requirements needed of your operating system. Should this not be the case, it will be necessary that you update your operating system.

The system requirements for the Klett Sprachen App are:

  • Android: Version 4.0.3 upwards
  • iOS:  Version iOS 7.0 upwards
  • Windows:  Windows 7 upwards, minimum of Intel i3 processor, at least 4 Gb RAM
  • Linux:  Ubuntu 14.04 upwards, minimum of Intel Core 2 processor, at least 2 Gb RAM
  • Mac:  Mac OS X Lion upwards, minimum Intel Core 2 processor, at least 2 Gb RAM


3. I cannot download the contents or I only see a black screen.

Possible causes:

You do not have enough available space on your device to save the data. Below each downloadable chapter of an interactive tablet version you will see the size in MB. Make sure you have enough space and then restart the download.

Tip: If you have finished working on a chapter, it is very easy to erase it from your device with the “ändern”(“change”) function. And don’t worry: you can always download it again if you need it.

4. I cannot save the data in the cloud or cannot download the data from the cloud.

Possible Causes:

Check your internet connection. You must have a stable connection to save or download data.

5. I cannot play the audio files.

Possible Causes:

  • The volume might not be on. Check to make sure the volume is on and the setting is correct.
  • Your android version does not comply with the minimum requirements or the installed version is faulty. There is a bug in some versions of Android 4 which - on certain Samsung devices - blocks sound files from apps. Update your operating system.

6. I cannot play the videos or they are really small.

Video players are dependent on the operating system, which means that in the case of Android devices, videos can look different depending on which operating system is in use. If your tablet requires a full HD resolution for all videos, then the videos will be displayed in a small format. The player does not enlarge them automatically. We supply the videos in a compressed form so that they can easily be downloaded.

7. Can I print out the exercises?

Yes! The individual exercises can be printed out - regardless of whether they have been completed or not. The textbook pages, however, cannot be printed out.

8. Can I save the exercises I have completed so that I can hand them in to be corrected?

Yes! You can either mail the filled out (or empty) exercises via the mail system on your device. Or, if you prefer, you can print the exercises out.


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