Everyday English

Everyday English

Teaching tip

Most of your students will be learning English so that they can communicate when travelling to an English-speaking country, and so they need practical, everyday English. 'Network Now A1' offers them lots of opportunity to use basic, functional English in the Step 3 of each unit.

In Step 3, students are given tasks based on authentic material, for example, posters, airport and supermarket signs, timetables and invitations. There is so much suitable authentic material out there which you can bring into the classroom and which students can use even at a low level. So don't forget to take as many pictures as possible on your next trip to the UK, buy some greeting cards, pick up leaflets and keep bus and train tickets! We've put together some ideas below to use such items. You can integrate them at any stage of your lesson or course and with any level of students.

Business cards
To be used with or after Network Now A1, Unit 1, Step 3.

If you have a collection of business cards, bring them into class and give each student one. Get them to dictate the email addresses to each other in small groups (have two students writing to create a second check on whether the speaker has said a letter wrongly or the listener has understood it wrongly) and then check on the card to see whether they were right.

Greeting cards
To be used with or after Network Now A1, Unit 3, Step 3.

Bring in some different greeting cards and ask the students to translate the texts inside. Then ask them to write a simple text for a specific occasion, e.g.: birthday, Christmas, wedding, birth of a baby.

Recipes for shopping lists
To be used with or after Network Now A1, Unit 4, Step 3.

The Internet has opened up a world of authentic material which can be used in the classroom. Print some recipes (BBC food at http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/ is an excellent source) and bring them to your lesson. Put students into small groups and get them to choose different recipes to make a meal. They then put together a shopping list with all the things they need for their meal.

Bus tickets
To be used with or after Network Now A1, Unit 5, Step 3.

Ask your students to take out any bus, tram or train tickets they have in their bag and tell their neighbour when they used it and where they were going.
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