1. How much does Klett Augmented cost?

The app and the augmented materials are free of charge.  The book on which the app is based needs to be purchased of course, but it needn’t even be a brand new edition of the book for the app to work.

2. What books have Klett Augmented materials?

Please refer to
Here you will see a complete list of all books (at the moment more than 600, but more are being produced all the time).

3. Do you need an internet connection?

In order to load the data you need an internet connection. It is best if you have a Wifi connection. After the material has been downloaded on your device you can use them offline.

4. What is the VIP Log-In?

For a selection of our products we offer an additional VIP Login, which is an exclusive offer for teachers. Here you will find additional files and information. If you are a teacher, just log in with your Ernst Klett Sprachen customer number.
(Be careful, your Klett Verlag number and Ernst Klett Sprachen numbers are different customer numbers).

If you are a teacher, you can use this function to have quick access to materials that your students can not see - for example the solutions to the exercises. This makes for easy preparation and you will never feel on the spot in the classroom.

5. How do I used the “Favoriten”/favorite function?

One click on the heart icon enables you to mark individual titles or contents as your favorites. You can access all you favorites by clicking on “Bilderkennung” and then going to the slightly bigger heart at the top right of the screen.

6. How do I select my book?

Click on the button “Bilderkennung” /image recognition. Here you can select your book by scrolling down the list or using the search function and saving the book as a “Favorit”/favorite.

7. The rubric “Buchauswahl”/Select your book has disappeared.

Please check that you have the newest version of the app. In this version the selection of the book is activated by clicking on the button “Bilderkennung” /image recognition.

8. I can’t scan the pages.

Please check your connectivity. We suggest having a WLAN/wi-fi connection.
Afterwards you can use the materials offline.

It is also important that there is enough light for the camera to scan properly. You can turn up the brightness on your device or change from the outdoor to indoor mode.

In general: the more clearly you can see the pages, the better the scan will be.

You can select the pages and the respective contents manually. After scanning, a symbol that represents an open book will appear in the upper right-hand corner. With one click on this, a list of all the pages on which there are extra contents for your app will be listed.  Select the page you want and the contents will be shown on your screen.

9. The media files don’t correspond to the page I wanted to scan.

If incorrect content is shown, then this means that the scanning conditions were poor. Check the tips above and try again.

10. I can’t install the app.

Please check to make sure that the newest operating system is installed on your smartphone or tablet. Should you want to check what version is compatible with our Klett Augmented App, just go to the i-tunes store or the google play store, where the versions are listed.

11. I can’t scan the cover.

In order to be able to scan, the camera on your device has to permit this. Check that this is the case.

12. Do I have to indicate my location?

For the initial installation of the app, you need to allow the app to recognize your location. After the installation is completed,  this can  be deactivated.

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