Five Christmas activities for the socially distanced classroom

Five Christmas activities for the socially distanced classroom

Teaching tip

1 Finish the phrase.
This call and response activity is a good energiser. Think of any common phrases that are connected to Christmas, for example Jingle Bells. You say Jingle and students reply Bells. Carry on with more phrases: Merry Christmas, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Silent Night, Happy New Year, Figgy pudding, Deck the halls, Let it snow, Last Christmas, Peace on earth. If students know any other expressions, then encourage them to call out the first half of the phrase. You could continue this game with any other well-known expressions the students have learnt, for example, fish and chips.



2 Complete the phrase.
This requires a little bit more creativity on the part of the listener. Instead of using fixed expressions, write the following verbs on the board: Be…, Have…, Enjoy…, Make…, Do…, Eat…, Drink… and see how students complete the phrase with a Christmas theme, for example: Be happy! Have a nice Christmas dinner! Enjoy your holiday!,


3 Christmas Quiz
Allow students five minutes to write two (or three) questions about Christmas; if you think it is appropriate, then they can access the internet to find questions.
In turn each student asks their questions and the other students write down the answers. Don’t reveal the correct answers yet. When all the questions have been asked, go round again and this time the student who asked the question reveals the correct answer. Students keep a note of how many points they got right.


4 Explain that gift.
Divide the class in half. Ask the students in the first group to each write the name of three famous people, for example: George Clooney, Queen Victoria and Hillary Clinton. The members of the other group each writes down three possible presents: pair of socks, iPad, cuddly toy. In turn, one of the ‘famous people’ group reads out a name and one of the ‘present’ group reads out a present. Students have to think of a good reason why the famous person would like the present.


5 Christmas song dictation
Singing is unfortunately not encouraged in the socially distanced classroom, but music can still be played. So what about a Christmas song dictation: listen to a recording of a Christmas song and ask students to write the words down they hear. White Christmas by Bing Crosby is a good song to choose as the song isn’t too fast and the words are repeated three times:
After you have played the song, show the words on the screen or distribute a sheet with the lyrics.

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