Fun and games in Let’s Talk Now A2

Fun and games in Let’s Talk Now A2

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Let’s Talk Now A2full of material to get your students talking; here we’ll focus on the Extras and Games. Look out for the sample units!


Let’s Talk Now A2 will be published in September– just in time for the start of new autumn courses. Last month we looked at what the book has to offer: the engaging topics, the activities, the support and guidance, the useful tips and information, and the additional activities which will be available online.

At the end of every second unit there is one page with Extra activities and one page with a Game which can act as stand alones or as valuable buffers if you have finished a unit sooner than you expected. These pages reinforce and revise the grammar and vocabulary of the previous two units and each of them should last between 20 and 30 minutes and will definitely get your students talking.

Let’s take a closer look at those activities from the sample units:

Extra B Culture and customs and Game B Top Five Game.

Extra B Culture and customs is linked to the vocabulary and topic of Unit 4 Where did you go? and it presents students with examples of cultural differences: what English behaviour could be potentially embarrassing in Japan, America or in Germany, for example.

While this is done in quite a light-hearted manner, the follow-up question Which cultural differences have you experienced or heard about? may prompt some lively responses concerning the current refugee situation in Germany. Be prepared to deal with this topic fairly and openly, and encourage sensitivity amongst the students.

In the last activity students are asked to give tips to a Japanese visitor travelling to their country for the first time. This allows the students to contribute their own experiences and advice which will certainly make them talk.

Game B Top Five Game refreshes the vocabulary from Units 3 and 4. Remember, you can make the activity more competitive for your students by setting a timer on your mobile phone if you think your class will appreciate it. And if you have a wide range of ability in the class, you could add an extra category for stronger students: 5 countries beginning with ‘A’ for example (or ending with ‘a’); 5 non-European capital cities. Or you could pair a less confident class member with a stronger student to play the game.

The keys for the Extra activities and for the Games are in the coursebook’s appendix.

The online Teacher’s notes will be accessible in September as well, so you can start teaching straightaway with all the necessary material available. And don’t forget, there will be an online activity for each unit which can be downloaded and copied, ready to use in your classroom. The online activities for the sample units are mingle exercises which practise the phrases for expressing likes and dislikes and the past simple and present perfect grammar. They will also be available to download in September.

So make a date in your diary: in September Let’s Talk Now A2 will be published, the Teacher’s notes will be available online and so will the online activities.

You will have everything you need for your teaching and with Let’s Talk Now A2 there’s plenty of top quality material available to keep your students talking.


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