IELTS Games and Activities: Win with Words

Focus and fun for the IELTS classroom

Book with photocopiable activities

144 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-12-501573-9



B1 - C1

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IELTS Games and Activities: Win with Words is the second title in the IELTS Games and Activities series. All the activities focus on helping students to build their range of vocabulary so that they perform better in the IELTS test.

The book is primarily intended for IELTS teachers and their students, but could be used in a range of teaching situations. It provides you with a comprehensive platform to introduce, reinforce, revise and recycle a wide range of lexical items and chunks. All activities are designed to ensure that students have an immediate need to use words and phrases in context.

The activities in IELTS Games and Activities: Win with Words are divided into these sections:

  • Topic-specific vocabulary: family, art, work, education, relationships, infrastructure and cities, food, health, advertising, environment, and other global issues
  • Task-specific vocabulary: describing graphs, talking about data and processes, language specific to structuring essays, analysing problems and solutions, exploring causes and highlighting effects, weighing up advantages and disadvantages
  • Synonyms, collocation, word building: collocation, connotation, paraphrasing, upgrading, linking
  • Functional language: situational overview, agreeing and disagreeing, expressing opinions


In addition to developing students’ Lexical Resource, all activities overlap with the remaining assessment criteria of the Writing and Speaking Modules: Grammatical Range and Accuracy, Coherence and Cohesion, and Task Achievement (Writing) / Fluency and Coherence (Speaking).

Online Extras: topic-specific vocabulary lists, additional activities and “Transfer your skills” worksheets with sample exam questions

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