Independence in the classroom

Independence in the classroom

Teaching tip

Try these methods to help facilitate a more independent-learning atmosphere in the classroom. The majority of students will not become independent overnight; there are, however, ways to encourage them.


Goals for learning

Ask students to identify their goals for learning for example: what do I want to achieve in the future? What do I find difficult? What are my strengths? How can I build on them? If possible, do this in English, but allow students to use German if they feel they need it.

In small groups they can discuss how they can work and develop their language learning outside the classroom.

Have each small group report back to the rest of the class, so students can share ideas.



Have a practical session showing resources that students can use. Show websites that learners can access, such as BBC 6-minute English and translation sites such as Dictionary websites such as not only give definitions of words, but a video pronunciation and a list of sample sentences.

If possible build up a class library of DVDs, Readers and magazines that students can swap with each other. If you have the opportunity, visit your local library and see what English language learning resources they have on offer. Magazines written for learners of English, such as Spotlight, can also be helpful.

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