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Contactless payments? Self-driving cars? 3D-printing? There are lots of new technological advances that make our lives easier. And we’re making teaching and learning easier, too, with Klett Augmented – a fantastic app to make learning more fun.


So what does it do exactly? Klett Augmented allows you and your students to download audio and/or video tracks from over 100 Klett titles straight on to your smartphone – and Network Now has joined this esteemed selection. All you do at the end of January. All you do is scan the page of the book you are using and the app will automatically download the relevant audio, video or links from that page.

It’s free and already available to download - you can find it for iOS or for Androids. And it doesn’t matter whether you have the latest edition of the coursebook – so long as you have a title from the hundred or so listed, you’ll be able to get going.

Students will be able to listen to a fantastic range of well-designed and well-written audio texts from Network Now. With the app, you and your students will be able to download the coursebook media: quickly, easily and without spending a euro!

Scan, learn and discover with Klett Augmented. It makes learning easier – in the classroom and at home.

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