Let’s celebrate!

Let’s celebrate!

Teaching tip

It’s party time – let’s celebrate the ‘Network’ Silver Jubilee. Join in with the celebration of 25 years of ‘Network’, marking 25 years of variety and excellence while always being state of the art. Why not add some variety and bring the party feeling into your classroom?


Parties and celebrations can be a great way for students to improve their English. And here are eleven reasons why:

  • 1 Opportunity for small talk
    Chatting to each other in an informal setting can help fluency. Help your students by doing some practice beforehand.
  • 2 Memorable event
    Everyone remembers a party and it gives you, the teacher, plenty of material to use in a shared memory exercise for example, What did we eat / sing / celebrate / …?.
  • 3 Something different
    A change to the normal rhythm of the classroom can be beneficial – it gives students a great opportunity to get to know each other better.
  • 4 Joint activity
    If everybody brings food, drinks or decorations, then people need to take responsibility. Students are investing more in the lesson, which supports their involvement in the learning process.
  • 5 Preparing the room
    Even moving furniture and putting up some decorations requires some extra functional language, for example Can you help me move this table, please?.
  • 6 Eating together
    Again, a chance for more functional language of offers, acceptance, requests, refusal and encouragement, for example Would you like some more?.
  • 7 Relaxing
    When people feel relaxed then they are more responsive to learning. A party can help students to feel more at ease with each other and thus help subsequent learning.
  • 8 Moving and dancing
    Community or circle dancing can be lots of fun and is a great way for people to interact with the rest of the class. Add some English words to the mix and you’ve got a fabulous and worthwhile cocktail – why not try the Hokey Cokey?!
  • 9 Music
    Ask everyone to bring a couple of English songs for the background music – it could provide a sing-along, but it also means that everyone has helped to provide the soundtrack.
  • 10 Celebrate something
    You might want to just celebrate one thing, like the end of the course, but why not ask everyone to bring a reason to celebrate, for example It’s my nephew’s birthday today or We’ve been married for ten years on Saturday. You could ask for these reasons to be given to you anonymously and then you read them out during the party.
  • 11 Party games
    They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are good for language use – everyone has to understand the rules! Ask students to bring their own favourite games. Charades, where people mime a film, a book or a play can be great fun - click here to see how to play.
    Or what about Famous pairs, where students have to discover the name pinned to their back and then find the other half of their couple. Click here for more information.

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