‘Let’s Talk Now A2' Teaching Notes and photocopiable activities - for free at the click of a mouse!

‘Let’s Talk Now A2' Teaching Notes and photocopiable activities - for free at the click of a mouse!

Teaching tip

They’re here! The Teaching Notes and ten photocopiable activities for Let’s Talk Now A2 are ready and waiting to be downloaded: the perfect support and flexibility every teacher would like in the classroom.


The Teaching Notes for Let’s Talk Now A2 include keys to all the exercises, classroom tips on management and organisation (for example how to make corrections), suggestions for board work, information about where to go for extra resources, and an Extra activity for each unit. You can download the Teaching Notes (see link below) and print them out, or keep them as a file on your mobile device – whatever works best for you.

And there are ten photocopiable activities – one for each unit in Let’s Talk Now A2. Unit 1, What do they do? What are they doing?, concentrates on present simple and present progressive which is introduced as a Reminder in Unit 1. For those students who need a bit more support, there is, of course, more detail in the Grammar check at the back of the book. Students are asked to match and talk about the illustrations on the cards using the appropriate simple or progressive form. In Unit 2, we turn to present perfect and for and since with a Memory activity called How long …? (Both of these activities are super for students who learn kinesthetically, by touching and moving paper for example.)

Why not download these two photocopiable activities now (see link below) – they’re free and we are sure these extra resources will provide you with valuable assistance and flexibility in the classroom.

And why not combine the ideas in the photocopiable activity from Unit 2 How long …? with exercise 4a People around you? on page 14 in Let’s Talk Now A2. Students have already completed the sociogram with names of family members, close friends and acquaintances. Starting with the names of the three people the student is very close to, he or she should once again answer the question How long have you known them? (see exercise 4c My sociogram) and this time give two answers: I’ve known (Anna) since (I was at school). and I’ve known (Anna) for (15 years). The student then continues with the people he / she knows well and finally with his / her acquaintances. By expressing the same information in two different ways using for and since, students will be able to identify the difference in use.

So remember, you can make your Let’s Talk Now A2 conversation lessons even more successful when you use all the downloadable free Teaching Notes tips with extra activities.

And for more flexibility in the classroom don’t forget the ten photocopiable classroom activities.

And all for free!

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