Resource Book - Ireland

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18 British Council Centre: here you can order videotapes or DVDs for use at schools
18 "When Ireland Starved" at the site of Irish Music Mail [n]
18 Teaching unit on the "Irish Famine"
18 "Out of Ireland" at [n]
18 Rotten Tomatoes: information on Gil Rosselioni's "The Kickhams"
41 Christianity in Ireland
41 Saint Patrick (information at [n]
41 The Celtic Church; Saint Columba of Iona (by Karen Rall)
41 Comprehensive website on Irish literature, mythology, folklore and drama
47 Collection of Irish blessings [n]
47 Collection of Irish blessings
47 The Catholic Encyclopaedia: material for project 18 (see students' book p. 36)
47 On the crisis of the Catholic church in Ireland (Are Ireland's priests a dying breed?) [n]
47 Article on the separation of church and the state [n]
52 Remarks by President McAleese at a reception at Áras an Uachtaráin to mark the 12th of July 2005 [n]
52 Statistics on Ireland's economic growth until 2005 (pdf) (n)
53 Article by RTÉ Business: "Exports to keep Irish growth faster"
53 President McAleese's address "Hopes for the New Millennium" [n]
54 President McAleese's address "Hopes for the New Millennium" [n]
63 CAIN Web Service (Conflict Archive on the internet)
63 Detailed year-by-year chronology of the events of the troubles and the path to peace
63 The Good Friday Agreement (new version of article 3: see p. 6) (PDF) [n]
64 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2003: the results
65 An assessment of the Belfast Agreement by Dermot Nesbitt (December 1999) [n]
65 The Good Friday Agreement - Latest Public Opinion (First published in The Belfast Telegraph, 25/26 October 2000) [n]
65 CAIN Bibliography on the Peace Process
65 The Irish Peace Process by Jeson Ingraham (1998)
66 Background Information on the Northern Ireland Society - Population and Vital Statistics (CAIN)
72 Peace and Reconciliation Movement on CAIN
72 Introduction to the Methodist College Belfast [n]
73 Northern Ireland Annual Abstract of Statistics: level of recorded crime between 2001 and 2002 [n]
73 The Integrated Education Fund, History of Northern Ireland - a divided society [n]
74 BBC News, "Arson attack is being treated as sectarian by police"
74 The Millennium Integrated Primary School in Carryduff, County Down which receives government funding for integrated education
74 A chronological history of the efforts to establish integrated education in Northern Ireland [n]
75 Response of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to the Consultation on Political Party Advertising [n]
76 Results of the Assembly Election (NI) Thursday 25 June 1998 on CAIN
76 Reactions to the IRA statement renouncing violence (BBC, July 28 2005)
77 "The booby trap in the IRA statement" by Henry McDonald
78 The IRA - A Farewell to Arms (The Economist, Aug. 2005)
79 Bloody Sunday inquiry website
79 Comprehensive information on Bloody Sunday, including personal accounts of the events, photographs and audio clips on CAIN
81 More information on the Protestant Ascendancy (n)
90 Statement by the Combined Loyalist Military Command (CLMC), their Ceasefire Statement, 13 October 1994 on CAIN
91 The Belfast Telegraph Digital: "IRA stand down" (n)
95 Timeline-key events in peace process (Telegraph, Sep. 2005)
97 An excerpt from Katie Maslanka's "Jet Log: Irish murals illustrate history and tensions" [n]
101 Norman L. Richardson's "Education for mutual understanding and cultural heritage" on CAIN
102 Overview of the history of mutual understanding, i.e. integrated education (by the Department of Education) (n)
106 Northern Ireland: Guide to the conflict and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland [n]
106 Short overviews of all political parties in Northern Ireland
106 Website of Alliance Party (n)
106 Website of Democratic Unionist Party
106 Website of Labour in Northern Ireland [n]
106 Website of Northern Ireland Women's Coalition (banned in 2006)
106 Website of the Progressive Unionist Party (n)
106 Website of Sinn Féin
106 Website of the Ulster Democratic Unionist Party
106 Website of the Ulster Unionist Party [n]
106 Information on the Democratic Left (n)
106 Website of Fianna Fail
106 Website of Fine Gael
106 Website of the Irish Labour Party
106 Website of the Progressive Democrats [n]
106 Irish Republican News
106 Belfast Telegraph
106 Fortnight (n)
106 Irish News
106 Irish Times (n)
106 Northern Ireland Governmental Homepage
106 Government of Ireland (Rialtas na Éireann)
106 Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland (n)
106 Hunger Strike Commemoration Web Project [n]
106 RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary)
106 Irish search engine (n)
107 Irish search engine (Nidex)
107 Official website of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board
107 Central online source about the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland
107 History Guy: Links for the conflict in Northern Ireland
107 Community Northern Ireland - central online source of information about the voluntary and community sector in Northern Ireland
107 Guide to Web Sites Containing Information on the Conflict and Politics in Northern Ireland on CAIN
107 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Northern Ireland
107 Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
107 Northern Ireland Assembly
107 Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

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