Resource Book - Technology and the Environment

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23 Report on the UN conference on environment and development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992)
23 Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis: A Summary for Policymakers
25 Professor Dr. Mauri Ahlberg on ecodidactics
25 "A Multimedia Teacher Education Programme" on sustainable development
25 "UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs" on sustainable development
25 "": providing guidance on how to pursue a more sustainable future
25 Sustainable development: a link collection
29 Information on useful inventions
29 Online etymology dictionary
32 "" on Charles Dickens
35 Health Goods: Household hazardous products
35 Provides a set of links to various household and pollution dangers
40 Joyce Carol Oates: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources
42 ArtCar Museum
42 Dream Machines by General Motors
46 A 1993 review of the L.A. Integrated Transportation Plan
46 UCLA dissertation on L.A. transport plans
46 A round-table discussion on integrated transportation plans in California
50 Information on Denise Levertov's work and life (poet)
51 Preliminary Data on Road Safety in Europe, 2003
54 Information on Karl Shapiro's work and life (poet)
59 Information on emissions (major causes of poor air quality)
59 Air quality in Germany (information and forecast)
59 Clean Air Acts of 1970, 1977, 1990 (U.S.)
59 TÜV emission information for Bavaria (n)
59 September 2003 Report: National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report, 2003 Special Studies Edition
61 Wikipedia on the Greenhouse Effect
61 Wikipedia on Global Warming
61 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (homepage)
65 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis)
68 Michelin Challenge Bibendum: rallying together towards sustainable mobility
71 "Die Zeit" on robotics: "Der Golem aus dem Rechner"
72 On Isaac Asimov
73 "Nanotechnology Now": your gateway to everything nanotech
73 "National Nanotechnology Initiative": applications and products
73 "Center for Responsible Nanotechnology": What is nanotechnology?
73 "": European Nanotechnology Gateway
73 "": Introduction to nanotechnology
78 "": here nuclear reactions
78 On the hazards of nuclear power
78 "": Nuclear power plan emergency
78 "": Nuclear Power is the Problem, Not a Solution
84 "United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization": The rapid development of the third industrial revolution
85 "Ludwig von Mises Institute": The Third Industrial Revolution
100 "": The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
112 "Chesapeake Quarterly Online": Of Microbes & Messes (Bacteria Hold Key to Cleaning Up Polluted Groundwater)
118 Air & Waste Management Association
118 American Cetacean Society
118 Center for Marine Conservation
118 Earth Island Institute
118 Environmental Defense Fund
118 Friends of the Earth
118 Greenpeace, U.S.
118 National Audubon Society
118 Nature Conservancy
118 Rachel Carson Council
118 Sierra Club
118 Water Environment Federation
118 Worldwatch Institute
118 World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

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