Resource Book - The American Dream

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22 Manifest Destiny: An Introduction
22 F. J. Turner, "The Significance of the Frontier in American History"
22 Frederich Jackson Turner
22 Historic documents
23 Activist and Author Geela
23 "The Official Site of Geela - The Healing Goddess of Pop"
23 Pedro Noguera, "City Schools and the American Dream" - short summary
23 Pedro Noguera, "City Schools and the American Dream" - review
23 Pedro Noguera - a portrait
23 "How do I make [the American Dream] come true for me?"
23 "An Open Letter To Any Frustrated Hardworking American ?"
24 Documenting America?s most politicized journalist
24 Famous Texans: Dan Rather
24 Lionel Sosa Web Site
24 Lionel Sosa speaks at San Antonio College (announcement)
24 Michael Moore Web Site
24 "The Populist: Michael Moore Can Make You Cry" (The New Yorker) (n)
25 Steven Greenberg cartoons
25 Socialist Worker online: American Dream or American Nightmare?
25 Puerto Rico and the American Dream
25 The American Dream: Greencard Lottery
28 American Rhetoric
28 Michael Dukakis: nomination acceptance speech
28 George W. Bush on homeownership
28 The American Presidency: Profiles of All Presidents and Vice-Presidents
31 Geraldine Ferraro: Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address (audio and transcript)
31 George H. W. Bush on the Persian Gulf War (January 1991)
31 Chronology of the Gulf War
38 M. L. King: I have a dream (video, audio and transcript)
43 The Million Man March
43 The King Center
43 The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research Institute at Stanford University
43 A critical remark on
45 Rollover: The hidden history of the SUV
46 The Sierra Club
46 New American Dream
46 Ford Motor Company
46 I don't care about the air
46 The SUV Fad: A public menace
47 ASLE: The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
47 EASLCE: The European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and the Environment
48 Jamestown Rediscovery
48 The Jamestown Online Adventure
53 Translatio studii et imperii
61 Currier and Ives - Original Prints
61 Currier and Ives: Complete history etc.
61 Currier and Ives - Reference Resource
63 Multilateralism vs. Unilateralism (n)
65 The Electric Ben Franklin
65 Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man
74 Spencer: Progress - its law and causes (excerpt)
77 Davis apologizes for remark on Schwarzenegger accent
77 Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes
80 "Poverty in the United States/2002" (US Census Bureau) - pdf format
80 Poverty in the United States: Frequently Asked Questions (National Poverty Center)
80 Poverty (U.S. Census Bureau)
80 Poverty (Almanac of Policy Issues)
80 Michael Harrington, "The Other America" (1962) - excerpt (n)
81 "Justizirrtum und Todesstrafe"
81 "The Kerner Commission Report and the Failed Legacy of Liberal Social Policy"
90 Inaugural Address Of President Jimmy Carter (20 January 1977)
91 Civil Rights Timeline
109 The official web site
109 Internet Movie Database
110 Arnold Schwarzenegger: 2004 Republican National Convention Address

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