Resource Book - Britain in Europe

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15 "Drawing Conclusions: An imagological survey of Britain and the British and Germany and the Germans in German and British cartoons and caricatures", 1945-2000 / Moyle, Lachlan R.
18 University of Leicester, Fact Sheet 1: "Football and Football Hooliganism"
18 Wikipedia on intercultural competence
18 Wikipedia on etiquette in Europe
44 Wikipedia on Tommy Atkins
44 Homepage of the Chelsea Hooligans
46 On BBC News: "Kenya: White Terror" by John McGhie
47 BBC sports weblog: "We all love the Germans"
50 The Ventotene Manifesto: Towards a free and united Europe - by Altiero Spinelli (n)
53 International organization "La Francophonie"
53 Website of the permanent Putney Debates Exhibition at St Mary's church, Putney
53 The Putney Debates on "British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate"
55 European Commission - official website
55 European Parliament Information Office in the United Kingdom - official website (n)
55 Website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
55 Politics on "The Guardian"
55 Wikipedia
55 BBC News for the history of the EU and an audio and video archive
55 For a list of Eurosceptic websites and a Eurosceptic view of EU history and the texts of all the main EU treaties
55 One of the most influential British Eurosceptic websites: "The Bruges Group"
55 An independent and non-partisan think tank with lots of information on the EU
55 European Sources Online
55 European Union: Delegation of the European Commission to the USA
55 The European Union Studies Association (EUSA)
55 The University Association for Contemporary European Studies: Exchanging Ideas on Europe
55 University of Pittsburgh: for research materials and articles on European integration
55 The European Research Papers Archive
55 Wikipedia on globalisation
55 For an employees' view of globalisation: Global Union
56 Polity Press: globalization links to some of the most significant resources
56 The Global Site: a critical gateway to world politics, society and culture
56 Wikipedia on alternate history
56 the exercise of looking at the past and asking "what if"?
56 Uchronia: The Alternate History List
60 BBC website on "Yes Prime Minister"
60 Official website of the co-author, Jonathan Lynn, of the series "Yes Prime Minister"
60 Not an official BBC website but one set up by a "Yes Prime Minister" enthusiast
60 European commission - official website
60 For information about the EU food policies, subsidies and surpluses
60 For information about the Common Agricultural Policy (UK)
60 Free Europe: a Eurosceptic site
60 An independent and non-partisan think tank with lots of information on the EU
60 European sources online
60 European Union: Delegation of the European Commission to the USA
60 The European Studies Association
60 The University Association for Contemporary European Studies
60 Research materials and articles on European integration form the University of Pittsburgh
60 European Research Papers Archive
60 EU Observer: an independent news site on the EU
60 EurActiv: an independent news site on the EU
66 Official government website on statistics about the UK's society and economy
66 Guidance on employment rights including redundancy rights, the National Minimum Wage etc. (n)
66 Department in the Home Office - immigration and national department - responsible for immigration
66 Department of Work and Pensions - for information on the effects of immigration on the working population and on pension policy
66 Working in the UK - on how to get a work permit etc.
66 An important independent British think tank
66 An independent American nonprofit think tank, including migration studies in Europe
66 Center for Immigration Studies
66 For access to the University of Sussex Centre For Migration Studies
66 Migration Watch UK (an independent, non-political group, including academics)
66 Oxford Centre for Population Research (web archive)
66 CMPD: The International Centre for Migration Policy based in Vienna
66 The One World Foundation, promoting human rights and democracy (especially in connection with employment)
66 TUC - The Trade Union Council (organisation uniting British trade unions)
66 The Institute of Employment rights
66 An independent and non-partisan think tank with lots of information on the EU
66 BBC News
66 The Guardian (on politics)
66 Website of the London Evening Standard newspaper
66 Website of the Daily Mail
66 Website of The Sun
66 Website of The Observer
66 Website of The Mail on Sunday
66 Website of the Telegraph
66 Website of The Independent
66 Website of TimesOnline
66 Website of the Daily Mirror
66 The European Commission: Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
66 Council of Europe
66 The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC)
78 Peter LaFrenière's review of "Human Biodiversity: Genes, Race, and History" by Jonathan Marks, 1995
84 Social Issue Resource Center: Football violence in history

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