Resource Book - Education in Britain and the USA

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10 Top 10 Pop and Rock Songs About School
10 List of songs about school
11 Teen, High School and College Movies
11 Search results "school, violence, film" on Wikipedia
12 School and university in literature
19 Harry Potter (Wikipedia)
19 Creativity in Education (Learning and Teaching Scotland)
19 Harry Potter Official Website (Warner Bros.)
19 JK Rowling's Official Website (n)
19 Harry Potter activities
19 Teaching Writing with Harry Potter
19 Harry Potter Links
19 Harry Potter Thematic Resources (...) for Educators by Midge Frazel
22 Corvus (genus) on Wikipedia
22 Raven in mythology (Wikipedia)
23 Serpent (symbolism) on Wikipedia
23 Training and Development Agency for Schools
24 Campaign for State Education
24 Education at the website of The Guardian
24 Times Education Supplement
24 Institute of Education/University of London
29 "NEET" definition (Wikipedia)
31 Academies (Department for Children, Schools and Families)
31 Education and Familiy (BBC)
31 Education at the website of The Guardian
31 Specialist Schools and Academy Trust
31 Anti Academies Alliance
32 List of school-related attacks (Wikipedia)
33 Philadelphia (Wikipedia)
33 Detroit (Wikipedia)
33 School shooting (Wikipedia)
34 Education Reform Lessons from England: An Interview with Sir Michael Barber
37 One Room Schoolhouse Center
39 Selective Mutism Foundation
39 Selective Mutism Group - Childhood Anxiety Network
39 Selective Mutism (Kids Behaviour)
39 Bilingual issues
44 Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
44 National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA)
44 Scottish Parent Teacher Council
44 Tom T. Hall Official Website
45 Multiculturalism (Wikipedia)
47 Identity Politics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
49 The Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education
54 School Tables (Guardian)
54 Education League Tables (Telegraph)
54 School League Tables (BBC)
54 Department for Children, Schools and Families
55 BBC News: League Tables
55 Sunday Times University Guide (n; blog entry)
57 AS and A levels (Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency)
57 AS and A levels (Directgov)
57 A level (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) (n)
57 AS/A level GCE (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations)
57 GCE A/AS (Welsh Joint Education Committee)
57 AS and A levels: Official Student Guide (Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment)
60 List of school-related attacks (Wikipedia)
61 Benjamin Franklin, "Remarks Concerning the Savages of North-America"
66 The New England Primer (Wikipedia)
71 The Quotations Page

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