Resource Book - Ethnic Diversity in the UK

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18 Born Abroad: An immigration map of Britain (BBC)
21 BBC News: Special Report - London Attacks (n)
21 7 July 2005 London bombings (Wikipedia)
22 Johann Hari, "Rowan Williams has shown us one thing ? why multiculturalism must be abandoned" (Independent) (n)
22 Deborah Orr, "Knifed on my street" (Independent)
23 Social capital (Wikipedia)
24 Facts and figures publications ? Diversity (n)
24 British identity and society: All together now (Guardian)
25 Caribbean (West Indies) (Wikipedia)
26 Language Assistant (British Council)
26 Q & A: UK immigration cap (n)
32 Home Buying Guide
32 Property: Guide to buying, selling and moving house (BBC)
34 Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ records) (n)
34 Linton Kwesi Johnson (Wikipedia)
34 Benjamin Zephaniah
34 Hip hop music (Wikipedia)
35 Broadwater Farm riot (Wikipedia)
35 Broadwater Farm (Wikipedia)
35 History of Broadwater Farm (n)
35 Transforming Broadwater Farm
35 Notting Hill, London: Revival (Wikipedia) (n)
36 Murder of Keith Blakelock (Wikipedia)
36 "Who Killed PC Blakelock?" (film in 6 parts)
36 Murder of Stephen Lawrence (Wikipedia)
37 The Lawrence Inquiry (BBC special report)
37 Damilola Taylor (CBBC newsround)
37 Murder of Damilola Taylor (Wikipedia)
42 Meera Syal (British Council)
42 Meera Syal
44 The Sikhism Home Page
45 Sunday Times Rich List (Wikipedia)
45 Sunday Times Rich List (Daily Telegraph) (n)
45 How different immigrant groups perform (BBC)
47 Official site of Gautam Malkani
47 Gautam Malkani page (Authortrek)
47 Urban Dictionary
48 History of China (Wikipedia)
48 Hong Kong (Wikipedia)
53 Bangladesh country profile (BBC)
53 The World Factbook: Bangladesh (CIA)
53 "Terror cell plotted to bomb Ministry of Sound" (Independent)
57 Muslim World (Wikipedia)
58 Women in Islam: Between Oppression and (Self-)Empowerment (PDF) (n)
59 Honour crimes (BBC)
59 Stop Honour Killings
59 Barbaric "honour killings" become the weapon to subjugate women in Iraq (Independent)
59 Stabbed to death as her family watched... for honour (Independent)
59 Forced marriage: Give me shelter (Independent)
61 Iranian asylum-seeker says he was "one step from death" (Independent)
61 The hell of being an asylum seeker (Guardian)
61 "Inhumane and oppressive": the final verdict on Britain's asylum policy (Independent)
62 Now even Yanks claim UK asylum (The Sun)
62 Poles accuse Daily Mail of defaming community (Independent)
62 Johann Hari: "The asylum-hating press - and the politicians who appease them - have blood on their hands"
65 Duchy Originals from Waitrose
66 Bitter harvest: how exploitation and abuse stalks migrant workers on UK farms (The Ecologist) (n)
66 Migrant workers tell of fear and suffering (Guardian)
66 Low Pay Commission
66 Rural and Agricultural sector of "Unite" (union, formed by a merger between two of Britain's' leading unions, the T&G and Amicus) (n)
68 National Farmers' Union
68 The true cost of cheap chicken (Independent)
68 Compassion in World Farming: Farm animals
68 Should We All Be Vegetarians? (Time)
68 Home Page
68 Gypsies are "Europe's most hated" (BBC)
70 Moving here: Jewish migration histories timeline
74 Village that gives the lie to the scare stories about immigration (Independent)
74 Over 70 migrants feared killed on crossing to Europe (Guardian) (n)
75 Europe?s tarnished golden door? (transcript, BBC)
75 Trades Union Congress
75 Confederation of British Industry
75 Migrationwatch UK
75 Towards a common European Union immigration policy (European Commission)
75 Recruitment Industry Engagement Initiative (Business in the Community - Diversity)
75 Ban Ki-moon, "We should welcome the dawn of the migration age" (Guardian)
76 Other (Wikipedia)
76 John Agard (Contemporary Writers, British Council)
76 Grace Nichols (Contemporary Writers, British Council)

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