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10 World History Archives: The History of the Caribbean
17 British History 1700 - 1930: The Slave Trade
17 India's struggle for independence (n)
23 Immigration to Britain: past and present
24 Census 2001: ethnicity
25 Immigration rules (to find out what restrictions there are to immigration to Britain)
28 The Guardian: "Gang hunted after bus stop race killing"
29 The Guardian: "Stephen Lawrence mourners pledge to carry on the fight"
30 The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry: the murder, racism, suspects, initial response etc.
31 A poet called Benjamin Zephania: Benjamin Who?
32 The London School of Economics and Political Science: British still lack that 'European Feeling'
33 Euromyths (the European Commission's own myth-busting website) (n)
46 Nightstop (this website tells some life-stories of young homeless people)
48 List of voluntary organisations for children and young people
53 A century of labour market change: 1900 to 2000, Office for National Statistics
53 Latest UK unemployment figures
55 Roger McGough
55 About the International Paralympic Games (n)
60 International Volunteer Day (World Volunteer Web) (n)
63 David Lodge
64 The Observer "Census exposes unequal Britain"
66 The Observer "Census exposes unequal Britain"
68 Rugby School website
70 100 Great Black Britons: Diane Abbott
89 Congress for the New Urbanism website

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