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7 German Historical Museum: 1945 - 49 Hunger nach Kultur (Presse)
7 German Historical Museum: 1945 - 49 Hunger nach Kultur (Rundfunk)
7 Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung: Demokratisierung durch Entnazifizierung und Erziehung
7 Die Wochenschau in der ARD
7 Rundfunk in Deutschland nach 1945
13 The website "Press Display" presents a large variety of international newspapers on the day of their publication
17 Media Awareness Network, offers you the opportunity to act as the editor of a newspaper
20 Access to thousands of newspapers all over the world
21 David Cherniack Films Transcripts. Neil Postman Interview. How Television Has Changed Us in the Last 25 Years. (n)
28 Graeme Addison, "Unreal-o-tainment"
31 Big Brother 6 (best-known reality TV show in Britain)
34 Sitcoms online
34 The British Sitcom Guide
34 Sitcoms: comparing UK and US
34 on British TV schedules ("Today's Funny TV") and British sitcoms
38 Ultimate TV, Microsoft, digitally records satellite television so that you can watch what you want when you want
50 Interactive Advertising Bureau: an association that helps companies to increase their revenues in the field of online advertising, including a variety of background information
50 All Business: background information on online advertising
50 All Business, Richard D. Harroch, "Ten Key Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Business Online"
52 The world's largest archive of classic print ads including adverts from each decade of the time after WW II
55 A list of online auction houses
55 Ebay, Seller tips
59 McDonald's website

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