Schülerbuch - Australia and New Zealand

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6 William Bradley, painting of Port Jackson (scroll down)
6 Excerpt from the diary of Lieutenant Bradley
7 Aborigines and white settlers
7 First Fleet
10 Kevin Rudd's Sorry Speech
13 Bringing them home
13 Bringing them home - oral history interviews [n]
13 Bringing them home - Report
15 Aboriginal dreamtime
18 Tiddalik, the Frog [n]
18 Legitimising white supremacy (online opinion)
18 Animation workshop: Tiddalick
18 Gadi Mirrabooka (click on Sample Story 1 etc.)
18 Deep Ecology and Animals
18 Accusations raised against Australian ex-Prime Minister Howard [n]
18 From Sideshow to Genocide (UN Genocide Convention)
18 Aboriginal Genocide
18 Formal Complaint to International Criminal Court (ICC)
22 Account of the Trial and Execution of John Austin
24 Google search for pictures by Thomas Lempriere (1796-1852) [n]
24 A Study of Attitudes Towards Corporal Punishment
24 Arguments in favour of bringing back corporal punishment
24 Major panics on punishment
29 Same old song, sport [n]
29 A forum discussion of the song "Tie me kangaroo down, sport"
29 Review of a children's picture book of "Tie me kangaroo..." [n]
29 Values Australia
29 Rolf Harris plays his wobble board [n]
36 Homeschool Australia
37 G.B. Shaw, "School"
37 Simply Charlotte Mason
37 infed: Charlotte Mason
37 John Holt: Growing without schooling
37 The Old Schoolhouse: Homeschool Magazine
37 Enki education: Homeschooling curriculum
37 Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School
37 "School's out forever" (Time magazine, 2006)
37 Queensland education code for homeschooling [n]
42 "Ihr fehlt uns" (Manager-Magazin, 2006)
42 Immigration to Australia during the 20th century
42 British are the largest Immigrant Group in Australia
44 Sorting through humanitarian clashes in immigration
44 Australian Bureau of Statistics
44 Museum Victoria
44 Immigration to Australia during the 20th century
44 Germans in Australia (Goethe-Institut) [n]
44 Application for a Protection (Class XA) visa (PDF)
44 Asylum Seekers, Ordinary Australians and Human Rights
44 Living in Australia: Australian values
44 Australian Immigration Assessment Form (print out empty form, don't fill in online!)
44 DIAC Strategic Plan 2009 [n]
49 Australian Schools on the Internet
51 Australian Recipes

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