Lively and refreshing teaching with the new ‘Refresh Now B1’ online photocopiables

Lively and refreshing teaching with the new ‘Refresh Now B1’ online photocopiables

Teaching tip

Making your teaching just that bit easier! Refresh Now B1 Teaching Notes was published in March and now the downloadable photocopiable activities to complement each unit are also available online.


Under Extra classroom activities in each unit of Refresh Now B1 Teaching Notes you will find two easy-to-use activities: one is ready-to-use in the book itself and the second is a downloadable photocopiable activity with clear instructions for the student and step-by-step, timed instructions for you. The teacher’s notes include how to use the activity and how to make tweaks to the activity, such as making it competitive. There is also information about where in the coursebook the activity will work best. And, of course, tips about what to prepare before the lesson. You’ll also find plenty of space to make some notes as a reminder for yourself about the activity.

Let’s see how you can easily integrate the online photocopiables into your lesson.

Unit 1 is a mingle activity Find out more. Students ask each other questions Do you …? Are you …? Can you …? to ask for personal information. For example Do you often go to the cinema? The teacher’s notes suggest using this activity after Round up on page 8 in the coursebook, where students have just been practising ways of getting to know people in a new group or club. This activity is a great way of making sure everyone speaks to each other in the classroom!

Unit 5 is a picture activity, It started to rain, where students speculate about what people were doing when it started to rain – and this shows the contrast between past progressive and past simple usage. Again the suggestion is that the activity is used any time after the Round up at the end of the Unit, where the focus has been on the differences between these two tenses. As well as the focus, the timing and the preparation, there is an extra tip about board work for this activity.

Pack your case is the activity in Unit 8. Five suitcases are waiting to be filled with clothes and accessories (but not toothbrushes or cameras!) for five different trips: a safari holiday, a conference weekend, a child’s visit to Grandma, a skiing holiday and a weekend in hospital. Anytime after exercise 3c Clothes and accessories on page 63 is the considered recommendation here. Students have five minutes to fill the five cases. There are clear instructions about awarding points, and a suggestion for a short follow-up activity. And in this ‘case’ there is a winner!

Easy-to-use and ready-to-use: the downloadable photocopiable activities for Refresh Now B1 will certainly make your teaching just that bit easier and even more lively.



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