Make them talk – even more!

Make them talk – even more!

Teaching tip

Refresh Now and Let’s Talk Now – both provide great opportunities to motivate your students to talk. Have a look at the activity pages delivered to your letterbox, which focused on page 41 in Let’s Talk Now A2 and page 23 of Refresh Now B1:  

And you can exploit the material even more.


Question: Always have some additional questions ready for students to answer. Think about past simple questions. On page 41 of Let’s Talk Now A2 ask: When did you last do these activities? On page 23 Refresh Now B1: When did you last read about these problems?

Report: After working in pairs, ask students to tell another student what their partner said. After page 23 Refresh Now B1: Helen has done voluntary work, but has never lived in another country. After page 41 of Let’s Talk Now A2: Rainer would like to take up paragliding.

Remember: Ask students to close their books and think about the page they have just worked on: How many activities can they remember? How many World problems can they remember? Closing the book after an activity can make students focus harder on the language they have used.

Predict: Use the pictures in the book. On page 41 Let’s Talk Now A2 there are three people hiking in the mountains. Let students predict what happens next, for example, There is a thunderstorm… One of the hikers falls and breaks his leg…

Describe: Or you could ask students to think of questions about the picture: Where are they walking? Are they friends?

Revise: In the following lesson, write up the main vocabulary from the previous lesson and use that as a reminder of what students practised.

You can use all these tips on many of the pages in Refresh Now B1 and Let’s Talk Now A2 –  the material in both books is easy to work with and simple to exploit. Why not see just how easy and simple they are to use by taking a closer look at the flyer delivered recently. Or by downloading the pdf here.

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