Network Now B1.1 Teacher’s Book

Network Now B1.1 Teacher’s Book

Teaching tip

The Now B1.1 Teacher’s Book provides a wealth of material and assistance for teachers using the Now B1.1 Coursebook.


As you would expect from Network Now, the Now B1.1 Teacher’s Book offers all the essential teaching notes for all the Steps and for all the Extra pages at the end of each Unit; and, of course, it includes timings, audio scripts, keys and short extra activities for more practice as well as tips on how to deal with potential teaching difficulties such as mixed ability classes. So there are plenty of extra features that teachers will find invaluable.

For Steps 1 and 2 there is one Extra activity that concentrates on the grammar in the Step and which can be integrated into the lesson without any preparation. And in Step 3 this Extra activity is based on the Focus on topic within that Step. Again, this can be easily incorporated into the lesson.
To help teachers with mixed ability classes, there are two ways to make exercises easier or more challenging. One method is for the teacher: arrow down () = there is a suggestion how to make the exercise easier; arrow up () = there is a suggestion how to make the exercise more challenging. The other method, as in the coursebook, is for the student: one-star option (*) = easy task, two-star option (**) = standard task, three star option (***) = more challenging task.
At the back of the Teacher’s Book, four photocopiable free-speaking activities provide Conversation springboards designed to last about 20 minutes each. These four activities all prompt students to discuss different topics in a structured and fun way.
Online, you can find 18 photocopiable activities (including teaching notes and timings) for Steps 1, 2 and 3, to complement and reinforce learning in the classroom. These are partner and group work communicative activities. There are also six Project sheets which can be used with the six Now I cansections. These can be readily used with the writing tasks in Now I can.
The Now B1.1 Teacher’s Book will help you with your teaching so that you can better support your students.
To give you a foretaste of the Conversation springboards at the back of the Now B1.1 Teacher’s Book, this month’s Did you know? offers two Christmas activities (Talk about Christmas and New Year and The best and the worst Christmas present) which follow the same pattern as two of the Conversation springboards in the Teacher’s Book. To try them out in class and get into the festive spirit with your students, just click here.


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