NEW video tips: Klett Classroom Clips

NEW video tips: Klett Classroom Clips

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Lights! Camera! Action! Get ready for Klett Classroom Clips!

Klett Classroom Clips is our new series of short video clips (just two minutes or so in length) which have been made to show you a host of lesson-fillers, energizers and warmers: simply great and easy ways to get your students talking. And the clips will also include some practical classroom tips to help you be a more resource- and successful teacher. The series will be continued over the next few months and you can see the first two clips, Conversation springboard and Back to the board, online now!


Conversation springboard
Back to the board

In Conversation springboard, our well-known author and teacher trainer Lynda Hübner tells you about the numerous opportunities, the assistance and tips in Let’s Talk Now A2 to encourage students to speak about themselves or their opinions or experiences. Lynda’s first tip is an entertaining personalised conversation springboard activity: What’s in your bag? Watch our first clip ...




Possible extension:
To extend the activity you could ask the students to place the pieces of paper on the table at the front of the classroom. You could then play a ‘Kim’s Game’ with the articles: Allow students one minute to memorise the articles and then ask them to close their eyes. Remove one article and ask the students to name the missing article.
Or you could do a list around the classroom: A: I have a loyalty card. B: (Dagmar) had a loyalty card and I have a shopping list. C: (Dagmar) had a loyalty card and (Maria) had a shopping list and I have a photograph of my granddaughter and so on.

In Back to the board teacher and teacher trainer Dagmar Taylor shows us a fun activity to get people talking which is also a great way to revise vocabulary. It can be used at any time in a lesson to energise the class and change the pace of teaching. All you need is a pen, a board and your students – and a list of vocabulary you want to revise. Just watch here ...




Possible variation:
You could make the activity more competitive by asking two students to sit in hot seats and the first to answer gets a point. Or you could ask students themselves to generate the vocabulary and they have to write the words on the board: a good way to check spelling.

We hope you’ll enjoy watching Klett Classroom Clips over the next months like we’ve enjoyed producing them for you and can use the activities in your own classroom successfully.


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