Out and about

Out and about

Teaching tip

Discover more about the culture, geography and history of the English-speaking world. You’ll find Out and about sections at the end of every second unit in Let’s Enjoy English First Steps and A1.1.


Let’s Enjoy English - First Steps
Here’s an activity to use for Out and about: Postcards from London on page 29.

Postcard dictation.
Read out the following text slowly and clearly. Indicate that where there is a line, the students should leave a gap. Circulate around the classroom as you read out the text to make sure that students are writing the text correctly. (Write Love from on the board and explain that it means Liebe Grüße)

Hello _______

I’m in London. It is a ________ city. The London Eye is _______ and Tower Bridge is ________.
See you soon.

Love from ________

When everyone has the correct text, ask students to decide who the postcard is for and who it is from (the first and last gap). Then they should choose words from page 28 to complete their postcards (the three gaps in the middle). If there is time, ask everyone to read out their ‘postcards’.

Let’s Enjoy English - A1.1

Would you like an extra tip for Out and about: What is it and where is it? on page 31? Why not ask students if they know any other well-known tourist sights in English-speaking countries, for example:

Australia: The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef
Canada: CN Tower, Toronto
South Africa: Table Mountain, Cape Town
USA: The Empire State Building, New York, The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

If you have access to a projector in the classroom, you could show the students pictures of these sights.

Ask students if they can name any tourist sights in other European countries: for example France, Spain, Italy or Russia. And then ask students what is the most important tourist sight in their own city.

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