Pronunciation activities

Pronunciation activities

Teaching tip

These pronunciation activities require great concentration, so use them to change the pace in a lesson. Do one exercise in one lesson and the second exercise in another lesson. Before using these activities, practise the individual sounds with students.


Minimal pairs

Consonants   /b/   /p/   /t/   /d/   / k/   /g/   /v/   /w/   /tʃ/   /ʃ/   /s/   /z/

  • Tell students they are going to do a dictation.
  • Read out one word slowly and clearly in each of the following pairs.
  • Tell students to write down the word they hear.
  • Make sure you keep a record of which word you said.
  • Ask for two volunteers to write their answers on the board. 

Use the words written on the board by the students to check the answers. On the board, write in the second word for each pair, so all the pairs are on the board. (Alternatively, you could photocopy the words printed above.)

  • In pairs, students do the same exercise reading just one word of the pairs. Their partner tries to identify the word spoken.

    Vowel sounds   /iː/   /ɪ/   /e/   /æ/
  • On the board write:
  • Practise saying the words together.
  • Read out ONE of the words in each group (five words in total).
  • Students should write down the words they hear.
  • Check answers together.

Students then work in pairs. Each student reads out one of the words from each group and their partner tries to identify the words.

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