Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes

Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes

Teaching tip

You’ve chosen well! The Refresh Now A2 coursebook will pep up, activate and extend your students’ English – and the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes, available since the beginning of August, will provide you with a helpful guide through all of its 12 units.


We’ve kept the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes short and concise – there are only 32 pages, so you’ll find everything in the book very quickly. Nevertheless it’s packed with the key information you need to make sure your teaching with Refresh Now A2 is a complete success.

  • You’ll find Tips, tricks and info for the first three, i.e. the classroom pages of each unit. These include reminders of possible pitfalls for your students, suggestions for boardwork you can do and some background information on particular points, e.g. What is the difference between have and have got? in Unit 1.
  • There are also several suggestions for Extra classroom activities for each unit - a thankful addition on those days when things move faster than expected in the lesson. You’ll find some useful communicative activities on interviewing and job satisfaction in Unit 2, Work, for example. And in addition to all these Extra classroom activities on the printed pages of the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes, you can find further attractive activities in the 12 Online downloads (one for each Unit) which you can photocopy for classroom use. (You’ll find the teacher’s notes for them on the second page of each download.)
  • Of course, the keys for all the coursebook’s exercises are also included in the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes.
  • And for the last two Focus on … pages designed for classroom or home study, you’ll find extra tasks and discussion points for each unit at the back of the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes. For example, there’s an activity which exploits the reading exercise in Unit 5 Focus on Newspapers where students ask and answer more detailed questions. And there’s also time for some creative thinking: What other uses are there for newspapers (apart from reading the news)?

So make sure your teaching is a success with the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes - stuffed with tips, tricks and info, and a lot of extras besides. It’s your helpful guide through all of the units of Refresh Now A2.

Extra tips for successful teaching

And here are a few more tips to help you make your teaching a success:

  • Make sure you keep a ‘clean’ copy of your downloaded photocopiable activities. It will save you time in the future when you re-use them.
  • Invest in a couple of coloured boardmarkers. Use red and blue to show the difference between present simple and present progressive in Unit 3 for example, or for past simple and past progressive in Unit 5. Or use three colours for comparatives and superlatives in Unit 9.
  • To encourage more mingling for pair work see the tip on page 9 of the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes: Ask students to stand in a line according to their house number and then pair off the students (for more details see page 9 of the Refresh Now A2 Teaching Notes). You could also do this by birthday months through the year (January at one end, December at the other end) and practise I was born in (August); by birthday days (1st at one end, 31st at the other end of the line) or you could ask them to stand in line according to the year their mother was born. Whatever you use, you’re encouraging communication and mingling!



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