Reward yourself

Reward yourself

Teaching tip

The end of the year working online, working in the classroom, working a hybrid course. It’s been a tough time for us all. Two years ago most of us had never taught an online lesson and now we’re familiar with all the terms that go with it: mute, breakout rooms, screen sharing and so on. Maybe it’s time to just sit back and give ourselves a pat on the back after another challenging year and recognise how well we have adapted to this new world.


Take the time for yourself: Choose your most challenging class you teach: perhaps the distracted teenagers in a 90-minute lesson at 12.00 on Wednesday? The grumpy seniors at 18.00 on Thursday? In the holidays why don’t you take that exact 90 minutes and do something special just for you. It might be watching a film, reading your favourite magazine, calling a friend or eating your special-recipe pizza. Or soaking in a lovely warm bath. Ninety minutes for you.

Treat yourself: give yourself a special something that you always use in the classroom. It might be a new workbag, a shiny pencil case, a pretty notebook or a new set of pens. If you are still teaching online, what about a special mug that reflects your successful year? Or a warm sheepskin for your computer seat?

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