22.06.2021 | 17:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr | Online-Seminar

Teaching English today - beyond the 4 Cs



Louise Carleton-Gertsch (München)

We are currently in the midst of a technological revolution, the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is drastically changing the world of work as we know it. Alongside the need for key skills like creativity and critical thinking, qualities such as curiosity, empathy, grit and agency are also considered central because they form the basis for lifelong learning.
So what are these qualities and why are they so highly valued by employers? How can they be integrated into English lessons? And how can we create truly authentic learning experiences to practise them? These are just some of the questions that we'll be addressing in this online seminar. As always, there will be a range of materials and ideas to hopefully inspire you and your students. Curious? We hope you'll come and join us!



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