The Internet

The Internet

Teaching tip

Here are five ways to encourage your students to use the Internet for language learning.



  1. How about listening to 6 Minute English on BBC learning English – a six-minute podcast which you can also listen on line? This long-running series of topical discussion and new vocabulary can be delivered as a podcast if you subscribe or you can download it. Why not introduce your students to 6 Minute English by watching this video: Learn how to talk about the Internet
    Or have your students stand in alphabetical order of family names and then listen to this recent edition which discusses why you are at an advantage if your name begins with A. 
  2. If your students are using Network Now or English Compass and would like to do some online exercises at home why not show them what’s available on the Ernst Klett Sprachen website. Show students how to identify the code for each exercise in their course book. Or if you are using Great! or Let’s Enjoy English then they need to download the Klett-Augmented-App and then they can access plenty of material on their mobile devices.
  3. Want to know some new information? Why not try Simple English Wikipedia. Most of the information is presented using Basic English that uses 850 basic words, making complex ideas and expressions understandable for learners of English. Have a look at this page on the Internet. And then ask students to choose a topic to report on to the class.
  4. The British Council (the world’s English teaching experts) has a wide range of exercise for the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students are able to take a short (free) test before they move on to the appropriate exercises. There are also grammar and vocabulary exercises to practise – and all with lots of support. You can also download exercises as pdfs. Why not try this reading exercise at B1 level: Digital habits across generations
    This text is sure to create discussion in the classroom.
  5. TED Talks (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) remains one of the most innovative and wide-ranging series of talks available. Viewers are able to select the topic, the language and the duration of the talk. Each talk has English subtitles and there is often a German transcript. These specially selected three-minute TED talks could be just the thing to encourage some interesting discussions in the classroom.
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