The Zero lesson

The Zero lesson

Teaching tip

Most teachers have experienced this problem: the first lesson of a new course and not all students have the coursebook. Don’t worry - Network Now won’t leave you alone in this challenging situation.

It’s the first lesson of a new course and when you arrive in the classroom you discover that not all students have a copy of the coursebook. You don’t know the students, the students don’t know each other and you want to get a successful first lesson underway without delay.

It’s a challenging situation, but don’t despair – help is at hand with Network Now’s specially prepared Zero lessons, offered for each level, which are stand-alone first lessons and do not require the students to use the coursebook. The aim of these Zero lessons is to encourage students to get to know each other and to get used to working together. And they are also confidence-builders and help students to overcome their initial inhibitions in speaking.

Each Zero lesson consists of four pages: The first page is directed to the teacher and gives some main information about the coursebook’s structure and its additional materials as well as help with his / her lesson planning. The second page contains teaching notes for the actual activities offered for the first lesson. With each Zero lesson teachers are given a range of communicative activities appropriate for that particular level. For some of these activities learners need a worksheet, which can be found on the third page. The fourth and last page is directed to the learners asking them to fill in a Learner profile. It gives learners the chance to think about their own expectations for the course and what they have enjoyed and found challenging in earlier classes. This helps teachers to get to know their learners better and plan their lessons more effectively.

So get that first lesson successfully underway with the Network Now Zero lesson.

If you would like to download the Zero lessons for A1 Starter, A1, A2.1 or A2.2, click here:

Zero lesson - A1 Starter
Zero lesson - A1
Zero lesson - A2.1
Zero lesson - A2.2


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