20.04.2021 | 17:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr | Online-Seminar

Using mobile phones for exam preparation



Greg Wagstaff (Cambridge University Press)

Love it or hate it, the mobile phone is the most important object in the majority of our students' lives. Yet this connection, and its ability to motivate and engage our students, is relatively untapped in class, and this includes when preparing for exams. In this highly practical session, Greg Wagstaff demonstrates his five favourite activities using everyday features on a phone, and also touches on other themes around the use of mobile phones in class.
Greg Wagstaff is a teacher trainer, academic manager and EFL video content creator based in Seville, Spain. Originally from Cambridge in England, he works as a freelance teacher trainer for both Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment in Spain. He also works for the Cambridge University Press YouTube channel "Learn English with Cambridge", scripting, editing and starring in videos for English language learners. Greg holds the Cambridge Delta and believes in blending new approaches and technology with traditional proven methods in the classroom, but that ultimately, simply being able to relate to our pupils is the most important element for learning to take place.
In his spare time, Greg is a sports fanatic (above all rugby and cricket) who also loves spending time with his dog Toby or improving his Spanish



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