Video tip: Dice

Video tip: Dice

Teaching tip

Roll up! Watch Lynda giving a useful tip about making and using a dice. Why not add a dice to your Christmas wish list this year? It’s a perfect stocking filler for any teacher.


You may need one if you want to play games in the classroom – although we also have some good ideas for diceless games in our Focus on teaching skills this month.

But watch Lynda’s tip at first …




Why not practise maths and numbers with your new dice in this five-minute filler?

  • Roll the dice, and write this number on the board, for example 5. - Roll again and write the second number, for example 2, on the board.
  • Then write: 5 plus 2 = 7. Explain that = is said equals.
  • Hand the dice to the first student who rolls the dice, for example 3.
  • The student adds his or her number to the number on the board: 7 plus 3 equals 10.
  • Go round the class, making sure each student rolls the dice and produces the correct answer.
  • If you want to do something harder, roll two (or even three) dice at the same time and add the numbers up together.

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