Video tip: First lesson ideas – offline and online

Video tip: First lesson ideas – offline and online

Teaching tip

No need to be afraid of online teaching. Watch Gillian teaching her first online lesson and pick up some interesting ideas for your lessons.




Online or offline, in the very first lesson of a course, teachers want to encourage students to get to know each other – and get a clearer picture of the class participants. Here are three great activities for your first lessons.

An easy starter is to ask students to write three questions they can ask other students. This helps to refresh question formation as well as elicit information. On the board – or in the chat function or shared screen, if online – elicit subject areas for questions. For example: hobbies, pets, holidays, jobs, family, food, films, books. Write a model question: What are your hobbies? What is your favourite book? Have you got a pet? For more advanced classes, you could ask students to use different tenses for each question: Have you ever been to Paris? Where did you go on your last holiday? What are going to do at the weekend? Make sure you make a note about one fact about each student.

Ask students to draw three symbols which represent themselves. Once again suggest the list of topics above and give student three or four minutes to put pen to paper. Prepare your own version first and model the introduction - ensure that you do not draw anything too elaborate! A flower could represent a love of gardening, a tree a love of nature. The outline of a mountain could represent hiking, a book could represent reading, a spoon and bowl could represent cooking. In turn each student shows the class their drawings and explains why they have chosen the three symbols. Make sure you make a note about one fact about each student.

When you have a fact (or two) about each student, you can end the class with a round up: for example: Who loves sky-diving? Who enjoys reading stories by Agatha Christie? Who has a dog called Zeus?
This is also a good introduction back into the group in the second lesson.

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