Video tip: Four corners (Making groups)

Video tip: Four corners (Making groups)

Teaching tip

Watch our video in which Lynda demonstrates an interesting way to divide the class into four groups. In each case you‘ll see that the students have to do a little bit of work to find which group they belong to.




Tip: Here are three more ways to divide your class into groups: all of which require a little work from your students. 

Household groups. The four groups are furniture, clothes, food and drink. Give each student a word belonging to the groups, but mix up the letters. So the furniture group will get hacri (chair) batel (table) and afos (sofa);
clothes: dress, shirt, shoes;
food: bread, cheese and banana;
drinks: coffee, wine and tea.
Students have to solve their anagram and then find the correct group.


Collocations with make, do, take and go. Give each student the end of a phrase which collocates with one of the four verbs make, do, take or go.
Make: a cake, a decision, friends;
do: the shopping, my homework, the washing up;
take: a photograph, an exam, part;
go: skiing, walking, swimming.


UK towns (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). Students might have heard of these towns or cities but may have to check which country they are in.
England: Bath, Oxford, York;
Wales: Cardiff, Llangollen, St Davids;
Scotland: Inverness, St Andrews, Dundee;
Northern Ireland: Belfast, Omagh and Newry. 


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