Video tip: Instructions

Video tip: Instructions

Teaching tip

Watch the latest in our video series of short clips for the classroom. In this edition, Lynda shows you a tip on using instructions in the classroom and how to get everybody’s attention after a noisy activity.





Tip 1
Making sure everyone has understood instructions for an activity is important in the classroom. Imagine you’ve just given the instructions for an activity. You could then ask: Do you understand? But you won’t actually find out whether people have really understood. So why not ask a confident member of the classroom: What are you going to do, (Thomas)? And then let the student explain the instructions again (in German if necessary) so that everyone can hear the instructions again.

Tip 2
On the topic of giving instructions, you could also play the game Simon Says… although you can change it to your own name: Kirsty saysJoanna saysSean says…

  • Students should follow your instructions only if the sentence begins with Simon says.
  • Say some instructions which the students should follow: Simon says put your left hand in the air.
  • Simon says close your book.
  • Simon says smile.
  • And then say something that does not begin with Simon says…
  • Stand up. Nobody should follow this instruction because it does not begin with Simon says.
  • Let students have a turn.
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