Video tip: Modelling tenses

Video tip: Modelling tenses

Teaching tip

Watch the video and see how Lynda’s neat exercise practises the future ‘going to…’, the present progressive and the present perfect simple.




Tip: If you would like to do this again (with a twist) in the class try the following exercise.


Mime it!

Write the following activities on slips of paper and hand one to each student:

sing a song, make a cake, have a shower, eat an ice cream, drink a cup of tea, write a letter, read a book, knit a sock, wash your hands, draw a picture, make a phone call

Write the following dialogue on the board:

A: What are you going to do?

B: I’m going to__________. (sing a song)

(B starts miming the activity.)

A: What are you doing?

B: I’m__________. (singing)

(B finishes the activity.)

B: I’ve __________ (sung a song).

For more advanced groups, use this format:

A: What are you going to do?

(B starts activity; other students guess what the student is doing: Are you making a cake? Are you chopping onions? Are you making a pizza?)

B Yes, I’m making a pizza.

B (when finished) I’ve made a pizza.

You could also do Lynda’s modelling activity with a pencil and paper:

I’m going to draw something. (What are you going to do?)

I’m drawing something.        (What are you doing?).

I’ve drawn a _______.         (What have you done?)


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