Video tip: Name cards

Video tip: Name cards

Teaching tip

Sabine? Sandra? Susanne? - Don’t be at a loss again with students’ names. Watch Lynda show you how to construct a sturdy, stable name card that is easy to make, and will not collapse.


Tip: Illustrate your name cards. To encourage students to get to know each others’ names and find out more about each other, you can use the name cards for a conversation game. Ask each student to draw three pictures or symbols of things that are important to him or her on their name card: a cat or dog, a baby, a flower, a cake - anything that the student wants to talk about. It might be helpful if you illustrate your own name card first as an example. Then model the exercise. This is a picture of a book. I love reading and my favourite novel is “Jane Eyre”. This yellow flower here is a daffodil; they are my favourite flowers. And this building is Big Ben in London. London is the most interesting city in the world.

For more advanced classes you could ask each student to speculate and ask questions about the pictures on his or her partner’s name card: I think this animal is a dog. Have you got a dog? And so on.


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