Video tip: Paper planes

Video tip: Paper planes

Teaching tip

There’s some action in the air this month with Dagmar’s tip about using paper planes in the classroom. Take a look at the clip and watch your lesson take off!





Tip: If you would like to use paper planes again, why not try the following idea?


Take off for a story!

  • Ask each student to write the first sentence of a story on a sheet of paper, for example, Last year we had an awful holiday. Or, Sophie received a letter on her 21st birthday and she was very surprised when she read it.
  • Tell students to fold their paper into a paper plane and send it across the classroom.
  • Each student picks up the plane nearest to them and adds the next sentence to the story.
  • Then they repeat the action (fold up the paper and send the paper plane across the room). Each student picks up the plane nearest to them and adds a third sentence and then sends it once more across the room.
  • This time the person who picks up the plane reads out the ‘story’ to the rest of the class. (Or if you think your class would like to continue the activity, carry on for more sentences.)


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