Video tip: Pass the parcel at Christmas

Video tip: Pass the parcel at Christmas

Teaching tip

Watch the first new video in our series of short clips for the classroom. In this edition, Dagmar shows you a fun activity for your Christmas lessons.




Tip: Here’s an alternative for Pass the parcel with vocabulary:

  • Write down the words you want to revise on pieces of card and put them in a bag.
  • Ask the students to sit in a circle. Stand outside the circle and control the music.
  • Play the music. As the music plays, ask the students to pass around the vocabulary bag.
  • Stop the music at intervals during the song.
  • When the music stops playing, the student who has the bag has to select a word from the bag and define the word to the other students.
  • The student who guesses the word keeps the card and the game continues.

The person who has the most cards at the end wins! If the student doesn't know how to define the word, the card can be replaced with another or put back in the bag.

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