Video tip: Running dictation

Video tip: Running dictation

Teaching tip

Do you want to use an activity in your classroom that uses all the skills and introduces a change of pace? Then have a look at Dagmar explaining how to use a running dictation in your lesson.




Running dictations require students to read, speak, listen and write – a great mix of all the skills. One student reads the dictation, sentence by sentence, which is located some way from their ‘writing team’. And of course, there is more discussion as the writing takes place.

You can adapt Running dictations – why not write a message, for example, Please complete exercise 5 on page 32 for homework. Or The next lesson will take place on Wednesday 25 March and give it to one class member who reads it out to the rest of the class; in pairs, students have to write the message. You could ask a pair of confident students to write the message on the board.

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